MIRA HUNTER (née BURKE) is a visual artist, an optimist, an environmentalist and a second-generation whirling dervish. She has studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Yale University School of Art and Music, and graduated with an MFA in 2013 from Columbia University. She has performed at such acclaimed international events as the Montreux Jazz Festival, the London Forum, Istanbul’s Arena, Celebrate Brooklyn, and the Dubai International Film Festival. She has collaborated with Turkish born musician/producer Mercan Dede, the Modern Dance Company of Turkey, she was featured in David Michalek’s Slow Dance project that was exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2008, she appeared in Fatih Akin's award winning documentary Crossing The Bridge: The Sounds of Istanbul and was one of the primary artists involved in the creation of the eco habitat Waterpod in 2009. Hunter’s sculptural installations often involve imagery captured using a bullet time camera ring she created with her husband Derek Junck Hunter, which they presented at Location One in New York for dorkbot NYC in 2011. She lives and works in Brooklyn, New York and Roberts Creek, British Columbia..
Caretakers of Wonder at CAFCA in North Vancouver 03.13
Unscripted at Columbia University with Mira Hunter
>>I am going to be speaking at Unscripted: A Symposium On The Study of Performance this Saturday at 11 am. <top>

Caretakers of Wonder at CAFCA in North Vancouver 11.12
Open Studios at Columbia University
Prentis Hall Studios will be open from 3pm – 6pm
632W. 125th Street, New York, NY 10027

The second-year MFA candidates’ studios will be open to thepublic.
Each student is present to discuss his or her work in an informal setting.

Artists include Amanda Alfieri, Melis Bürsin, Ashley Carter, Jin Joo Chae,
Aurélien Couput, SamDakota, Daniela Di Donato, Christian Dietkus,
Riaki Enyama, Allison Ginsberg, August Graybosch, Mira Hunter,
Luke Kendall, Jason Kraus, Laura Miller, Francesca Neiman,
Kambui Olujimi, Kate Louise Peterson, Rachel Rose, Alex Roulette,
Lauren Silva, Molly Surno, Ali Van, Xu Wang, Nat Ward, Matthew C. Wilson
Visual Arts Faculty

Gregory Amenoff (Chair), Sanford Biggers, Anna Craycroft, Jon Kessler,
Keith Mayerson, Thomas Roma, Shelly Silver, Sarah Sze, Rirkrit Tiravanija,
Tomas Vu Daniel, Kara Walker

Matthew Buckingham, Ann Craven, Rineke Dijsktra, Mark Dion, Liam Gillick,
Michael Joo, Matthew Ritchie, Aki Sasamoto, Dana Schutz <top>
Caretakers of Wonder at CAFCA in North Vancouver 6.12

Caretakers of Wonder

>>A multi-media installation featuring a bicycle mounted vivarium and reverse painted glass prisms constructed from found and reclaimed materials. A layering of forest-life and urban experience mediated through a lens of environmental consciousness and ancient spiritual practice. A digital film loop of a night microcosm and sound recording document the origins of the mobile nurse log. A work in conversation with the Flock House Project, a group of self-contained ecosystems migrating around New York’s five boroughs and inspired by Mark Dion’s 2007 Neukom Vivarium.


Daysim Goldmoss Gallery
>>Derek and I exhibited a film still from Time Piece 2011, which I completed as part of my first year MFA show at Columbia University. We set the frame on fire and then sealed the remaining char. We also included a rear painted prism wall piece mounted on reclaimed wood. The curator/gallerist/artist Lee Grant-Roberts asked each of the participating artists to write on the theme. I decided to write about my experience in our rural studio, so displaced from my recent life.

ON DAYISM: A constellation of connections bridge the realities of city centre and rural studio. The singular nature of the labour of day gives way to a different character of work in the studio after dusk. A new clarity of mind rises above an independent body in the undisturbed dark hours. Too far from civil society for pirated internet. The radio talks in accents. The silent saws, the windows looking out on a sleeping coop, the sharp sounds of new wood added to the stove fire, the rhythm of hands working, building bombs or carving clay. <top>


Essential Items Exhibition
Essential Items . org Essential Items . org

Tangente Dance Festival Poster

>>Time Piece 2011 from Mira Hunter on Vimeo. "(Time Piece) captures the fleeting nature of transformation by arresting and reanimating time." -Anna Craycroft, curator. This is a video excerpt from an installation of the same name. The work documents a series of glass explosions captured using a custom bullet time ring of 35 mm film tourist cameras. Special thanks to Derek Junck Hunter, Sally Burke and John Greig. <top>

>>Maybe it was the inspiring Columbia University campus life, but I produced a perfectly robust baby girl. After 56+ hours of labour at home (mostly) in our little oceanside cottage in British Columbia, Ora Mae Pamuk Hunter was born at 11:20 am Wednesday July 6th 2011, surprising all the staff at our local rural hospital at 10 lbs 10 oz. We are all doing really well. <top>

Mira Hunter The Tear Collector 2011
>>In relation to her recent series of self destructing postcards, Mira Hunter created the short video The Tear Collector for a greeting card that ever so slowly cries itself into oblivion. Special thanks to Derek Hunter for all his help, and to Marina Abramovic for making eating an onion look so effortless. <top>

The Tear Collector, 2011 from Mira Hunter on Vimeo

Derek and Mira HUnter at Dorkbot NYC 2011
>>The Hunters have been invited to present their 65 camera ring projects at Dorkbot, the international lecture series dedicated to People Doing Strange Things With Electricity. The 30230223rd Dorkbot NYC meeting will take place at 7pm on Wednesday, May 4th, 2011 at Location One in SoHo. The meeting is free and open to the public. PLEASE BRING SNACKS AND DRINKS TO SHARE! All I can say is, I really want a Dorkbot T Shirt. For more info >>

>>'MIRA HUNTER captures the fleeting nature of transformation by arresting and reanimating time. To create her video Time Piece, Hunter ste up a ring of 65 cameras to simultaneously photograph a gas bomb explosion in the round. The images were then compiled to create a stop motion animation that apprehends the fullness of change in each still moment.' - Anna Craycroft, excerpt from the exhibition catalogue. Review in the Columbia Spectator >>

Columbia University First Year MFA Exhibition





>>Unscripted, March 2013

>>Open Studios at Columbia University

>>Caretakers Of Wonder, June 2012

>>Dayism, May 2012

>>Essential Items, May 2012

>>Tangente Dance Festival, Mar 2012

>>Time Piece Video Excerpt, Aug 2011

>>Welcome to Pamukistan, Jul 2011

>>The Tear Collector, May 2011

>>Dorkbot NYC, Apr 2011

>>CU First Year MFA Exhibition, Apr 2011





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